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The E-drum book contains 81 pages with linear drum fills for all styles of music!

There are 7 chapters in the drum book:

1. Singles and Doubles

2. Singles and Doubles with bass drum

3. Better Wtach Out (drum fills containing 16th and 32nd notes)

4. Double Handed Fills

5. Paradiddles

6. Power fills (drum fills with lots of bass drums)

7. Flam Strokes

How does it work?

The method in the drum book is made up of 4 components:

1. Skills

You will need to master the skills at the beginning of each chapter of the E-drum book before being able to play the drum fills that follow.

2. Groupings

The skills will be defined as groupings and combined to become drum fills in 16th notes or 16th note triplets

3. Orchestration

The use of all the different sounds your drum kit offers you (snare, toms, cymbals etc.) to colour the drum fills as you like.

4. Dynamics

By giving each note a certain volume (accented notes / ghost notes and everything in between) you will be able to make the drum fills sound like you want them to.

The Fill Generator

The unique Fill Generator (attachment)  helps you  to combine the different skills in order to become tough drum fills in 16th notes and 16th note triplets. The Fill Generator can be used throughout the whole book!


The E-drum  book comes with more than 80 examples of drum skills and drum fills that are written out in the book.








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