The Drum App is NOW available! 

Download the app now and get some tough drum fills for free!

Download the whole content and get access to over 60 tough drum fills for only € 6,99.


The drum video lessons app is same as the E-book, all about drum fills, but now demonstrated on video in different tempos! The drum app deals with the same system that is used in the drum book. More than 60 linear drum fills (others than in the book) are exlpained  from scratch (by short text screens)! The drum lessons are accessible for all drummers from amateur to pro! The drum App is characterized by “less talking, more drumming”!  

You will be able to play along by using your phone or tablet with a head phone for a nice sound.

By using the “Tools” button on your screen the Fill Generator will pop up, which  gives you acces to nice sounding combinations for creating countless drum fills yourself! Drummers who are looking for more variation in the way they play drum fills will get lot’s of  inspiration and ideas out of this system! This drum lessons app is very useful for every drummer from amateur to pro!


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